Mum defends husband for naming baby while she was passed out after birth

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A US woman has defended her husband after he received widespread backlash for seemingly naming their son himself while she was passed out after a 'horrific' birth.

The Weiss Family have over 1.3M followers on TikTok, with a video of husband Jeff joking about how he had been able to choose their 6th child's name going viral earlier this month.

jeff the weiss family choosing baby name
Jeff joked about how he had been able to choose their baby's name himself. Photo: TikTok

In the initial clip, which has been viewed over 9M times, Jeff uses the sounds from a scene from Superbad — in which nerdy high schooler Fogell gets a fake ID — to tell the story.

"They let you pick any name you want when you get down there," the voiceover says, with Jeff adding on the video: "When your wife passed out after birth so you got to pick the baby’s name."

He also wrote in the caption: "This is actually how we ended up with our baby’s name."


The clipped sparked almost 2M comments with many slamming the dad for making that decision without his wife.

"I would be SO mad. The baby’s name can wait until I’m back awake, 'cause if I just went through all of that I’m fkn naming him," was one angry comment.

"If my hubby named our baby something I didn’t want I would prob divorce and change that bebes name," another agreed.

"The way I would literally get a divorce and full custody," another wrote.

the weiss family melissa on tiktok
Mum Melissa defended Jess saying there was still a discussion about the name. Photo: TikTok

But mum Melissa was quick to assure their followers that there was a little more to the story of how baby Jagger got his name, and things didn't happen quite as quickly as it may have sounded.

Responding to another comment that asked 'I don’t get how ur laughing … I’d be absolutely furious', she explained how she had a high risk pregnancy, followed by an emergency induction at 38 weeks.

"The labour lasted for days and it was terrible and then when the baby came, he had to go to the NICU right away and so Jeff went with him, while I was with the doctors and nurses and they were trying to take care of me," she said.

"Six hours after, as literally after having him I was passed out, we were reunited. And Jeff comes in with Jagger and says ‘I think his name should be Jagger, I think it fits him’."

While they had discussed the name, she said it "definitely wasn't at the top of our list", but after spending the week in hospital and thinking about it for a few days, Melissa added: "We both ultimately decided that that was the best fit for him and we ended up naming him that."

"So it was pretty funny and yes, my husband did come up with it, it was definitely not the name I thought we were going to use going into the hospital that day, but we’re really happy with it and I think it fits him."

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