The best Mother’s Day gifts for the mum who already has everything

Mother's Day 2020 is just around the corner on May 10th and it just got a whole lot easier to impress your mum thanks to our awesome gift guide.

Here’s our top tips on what to get the mum who has everything already.

Virtual Shopping experience at Mecca, $100

Mecca face products
Virtual shopping at Mecca. Photo: Mecca

Can’t indulge in your yearly pamper session with mum? No worries – you can still spoil her with this great Mecca virtual shopping experience. The gift includes a virtual beauty consultation (via Facetime), $100 gift card and complimentary 111SKIN mask. The best part is, you can join in on Mum’s virtual beauty session and shop together. Awesome!

A Thermomix, $2,269

Thermomix. Photo: Thermomix

If you’re looking to splash the cash this Mother’s Day, the ultimate gift has to be The Thermomix TM6. Coming in at a cool $2,269, it doesn’t come cheap but there are payment plans available. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the appliance can now be purchased online for the first time ever.

A personalised pet magnet! $36.56

pet magnets
Personalised pet magnets. Photo: Kit Atlas

We all know she loves the family pets waaaay more than you – why not honour that love by customising magnets with their faces on them? Kit Atlas has a shop on Etsy that lets you pick from templates, choose your colours and print your pet’s name on the collar. How cute are they? Nawww….

Cocktail set, $59.95

Cocktail set
Cocktail-making set. Photo: The Store

Mum love a tipple or two? Now she can craft her own! This ‘Pretty Useful Tool’ cocktail set comes with everything she’ll need to peel, muddle, zest and slice her way to cocktail perfection. Time your visits home with Happy Hour...and voila! Cheers all round!

Ceramic Flowers, $42

Ceramic flowers in a vase
Ceramic flowers. Photo: Bron's Ceramics

Give a floral bouquet that will last forever. Bronwen Holding is a Perth-based mum making stunning, miniature ceramic flowers through her shop, Bron’s Ceramics, on Etsy. These beautiful decorative blooms make lovely pick-me-up gifts – especially if your Mum’s a little older, and stuck in a home. Just gorgeous!

DNA kit, $129

Ancestry DNA kit. Photo:
Ancestry DNA kit. Photo:

Always suspected you were adopted? Now’s your chance to prove it! Just joking – sort of. These DNA kits make fascinating gifts. Buy a test for Mum, get her to return a small saliva sample, and Ancestry will tell her where her family came from, potentially connect her with relatives she never knew she had, and help knit together your family history.

Personalised sippy cup, $54.99

Sippy cup
Personalised sippy cup. Photo: Lottie & Liv

Wine-with-style while on the run, with a personalised, double-walled, vacuum insulated sippy cup wine glass! This Lottie & Liv personalised cup comes with a lid to prevent spillage. Because it’s insulated, it will also keep wine perfectly chilled while you picnic!

Toothpaste buckle, $44.95

toothpaste buckle
Toothpaste buckle. Photo: Alessi

You can pretty much guarantee Mum won’t have one of these! This stainless steel buckle, designed by Alessi no less, is the height of bathroom chic, and also serves a purpose! No more bathroom arguments over whether to squeeze from the top or the bottom – genius!

Socks...with her face on them! $35.95

Socks with a woman's face on them
Personalised socks. Photo: My Photo Socks

You can pretty much guarantee Mum is going to love these wacky socks, customised with a photo of her face on them! My Photo Socks currently has a special Mother’s Day version, available to ship for the big day. Stylish? Maybe not. Memorable gift? Absolutely.

Black toilet roll, $18.55

black toilet paper
Black toilet roll. Photo: The Block Shop

In these times of turmoil, toilet paper is a hot commodity! Why not gift Mum a few rolls? The Block Shop sells loo paper in a range of stylish colours. Our personal fave? Black! Too much? They also stock blue, pink, orange and red!

The Lap Mate, $69.95

Wooden work bench
Wooden workstation. Photo: Couch Mate

Couch Mate makes couch arm tables. They also craft these nifty wooden workstations, which are perfect for multi-tasking mums currently working from home. The bench has six different levels of incline and adjustable legs, making it perfect for working from the comfort of your bed! Just prop your tablet or laptop up...and away you go!

Sparkling wine trio, $79

Three bottles of sparkling wine and a cheese board
Sparkling wine. Photo: Craft Cartel

Mum deserves a drink of the best stuff this Mother’s Day and this boozy gift will surely put a smile on her face. The Happy Hour Sparkling Wine Trio from Craft Cartel Liquor, which includes an Aussie, French and Italian variety, is the ideal surprise for a mum who like a glass of bubbles.

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