Moonchild Daily Horoscope – 21 May 2024

There is a major astrological alignment this week as Jupiter meets Neptune. Best possible scenario is we all get a little bit more enlightened. Worst is someone could try and trick you! This is a major alignment… the effects will last a lot more than 24 hours…
As a MOONCHILD, this is great news for you. For one thing it’s opening you up to the heavens so you can step back and see the big picture of your life and see how the Divine has played a hand in getting you where you are now. Writing about spirituality, studying it or doing a spiritual tour will be oh-so good for you now, if any of that appeals. Neptune is in your 9th House so if you can write or teach about spiritually uplifting matters, you’re almost assured of an audience. Spiritual teachings you pursue now could pay dividends.
Are you ready to change your life? There is astrology coming which is ALL about that. I’ll be holding a workshop for my Mainly Moonology members all about it very soon – sign up and don’t miss out!

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