Monster Hunter Stories 2 Is Coming To PS4

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Rathalos

Not too long ago, during the Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase last month, Capcom revealed that it was bringing an enhanced version of Monster Hunter Stories to Switch, with it later being announced that it would be coming to PS4 and PC, too. Now, it’s been revealed that the second game is also on the way.

Capcom announced last night that Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is headed to the PS4, on the same day as the first game. Neither game will be getting a specific PS5 version, but given they were both made for Switch, it’s likely they’ll look and run great on both PS4 and PS5 via backwards compatibility.

There are two editions of the game, the standard edition and the deluxe, with the latter including extra outfits, armor, and a few other goodies. Anyone who preorders will also get a Kamura Maiden outfit for Ena, one of the game’s characters, and anyone with Monster Hunter Rise save data on their console will also get a Kamura Garb armor set.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 will be released on PS4 on June 14, 2024, alongside Monster Hunter Stories.

Monster Hunter Stories and its sequel are both turn-based monster catcher games, kind of like Pokémon but with its own twist. They’re set in the Monster Hunter universe, but instead of hunting and killing monsters like in the main series, you’ll be raising, taming, and riding monsters – called Monsties here – instead.

We even named the game as one of the best games for Pokémon fans, and with both games soon to be available on Switch, PS4, and PC, there’s absolutely no reason not to jump in. Especially since the next Pokémon game, Pokémon Legends Z-A, isn’t due to be released until 2025 — both MH Stories game will definitely keep you busy until then.

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