Mom’s hilarious candy hack ensures she gets the best candy

This TikTok mom shared a hilarious “parenting tip,” where she separates candies into different flavors, then gives the lesser flavors to her kids and saves the best flavors for herself!

Nicole Story Dent (@nicolestorydent) is a TikToker and parent who shares a mix of humorous parenting advice and adorable videos of her kids. In a recent video, Nicole shared one of her favorite “parenting tips.” The hilarious, but perhaps unethical, tip involves separating candies into different bags and giving your least favorite flavors to your kids!

The video begins with Nicole sitting in her kitchen. She holds a plastic bag in one hand and has a variety of chewy candies scattered across the kitchen table in front of her. The mom picks through the candies, separating them by flavors.

Nicole picks up a piece of candy, chews it, then begins to speak. “Parenting tip,” she says in a deadpan voice. “Separate your candy from the good flavors and the bad flavors.”

Nicole picks up a handful of yellow and orange candies and drops them into the bag. She holds the bag up towards the camera. “Give your kids the bad flavors,” she recommends, continuing to place only orange and yellow candies into the bag.

Then, Nicole waves her hand over the table, showing the remaining pink and purple candies. “You get all the good ones,” she says. “And [your kids] are just happy to get candy.”

Nicole eats a few more pieces of candy, then says, “Follow me for more parenting tips.” The video ends with the happy mom enjoying her favorite candy flavors.

Viewers applauded the tasty tip.

“Hands down the best parenting tip I have ever heard,” one viewer wrote.

“I’ve been doing this out of selfishness, but now I’m gonna say I learned it on TikTok,” joked another parent.

“I do this with my husband,” wrote another TikToker. To which Nicole replied, “Level up!”

What do you think of Nicole’s candy hack?

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