Mom gives screaming toddler homemade ‘mouse juice’ at the dinner table: ‘I’m dead’

A mom’s quick-thinking concoction saved dinnertime from a toddler meltdown — and Redditors are applauding her creativity.

Posted to the subreddit r/Toddlers, the post gained over 900 upvotes and nearly 100 comments.

Just like the Reddit dad who received an alarming call from his daughter’s school after sending her in with the wrong lunch, the post is making waves with parents.

Toddler said no to milk and no to water to drink with supper. Now he’s happily drinking ‘mouse juice,'” read the post’s subject line.

The mom explained in the post: “Hubby asked our LO [little one] if he wanted water. Big scream of ‘NO.’ Would you like milk? ‘NO.’

“Brilliant me sees he’s holding a [mouse-shaped] cat toy and asks him if he wants mouse juice instead. Of course that’s an excited ‘YES!’

“Quick-thinking on my feet and he’s happily drinking milk with a bit of cinnamon mixed in, aka, ‘mouse juice.’ He keeps stopping and saying, ‘Yay, mouse juice,’ and then drinking more. 😂”

“Having kids is like an advanced class in quick creative problem-solving and deception”

Reddit parents were quick to share their own creative mealtime hacks in the comment section.

“My 3-year-old has been screaming ‘no’ to all meals recently. Insists on only snacks. Ok, you got it kiddo! Here’s a hot dog snack. Do you want an oatmeal snack or a bagel snack this morning? Pasta snack around noon sound good? Hahaha!” one parent laughed.

“My kid drank ‘cow juice’ with dinner every night for a solid eight months while he was two,” another parent shared. “He would scream up and down that milk was yucky, he didn’t like milk, it was gross, blah blah blah, but ‘cow juice is the best.'”

“We have -berry and -melon. How about some pea-berries? Yeah! Carrot-melon? Yum!” another creative parent wrote.

“My son was a dinosaur eating ‘trees’ — aka broccoli,” shared one parent.

“My daughter loves ‘Blippi sandwiches,’ ‘Paw Patrol juice,’ and ‘Blues Clues pasta.’ No way would she eat most of the food we put in front of her otherwise,” wrote another parent.

“We did the same the other day by telling our LO that she needed to eat her puppy kibble like the doggies do. She cleaned her plate with that in mind,” laughed one parent.

“It’s all about branding. Well done!” cheered another Redditor.

“I’m dead,” another Redditor simply wrote.

However, one Redditor might have said it best when they commented, “Having kids is like an advanced class in quick creative problem-solving and deception.”

There’s certainly never a dull moment at the dinner table when toddlers are around!

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