Mom Admits Regret After Giving Son an 'Adult Name' That Didn't Fit Her 'Squishy Baby' (Exclusive)

The little boy's name wasn't meshing with his "squishy little baby" presence

Jamie Grill/Getty Images Stock image of baby with nametag sticker on his onesie
Jamie Grill/Getty Images Stock image of baby with nametag sticker on his onesie
  • A mom of four who welcomed her first baby boy said she felt uneasy about his name in a way she didn't with her previous kids

  • Heather opened up about the possibility of having name regret in a now-viral TikTok video

  • While some commenters tried shaming the mom for how she felt, many others shared similar stories about naming their own children

What's in a name? A lot if you've just welcomed a little one into the family.

Heather, known as @_heatherel_ on TikTok, recently shared a video in which she opened up about having some complicated feelings about naming her baby boy Reed.

"Since the beginning, I'm not convinced I like his name ... even though I like his name," she explained in the video.

"I'm having a hard time figuring out if I really don't like the name or if I'm having a hard time connecting it to him because he's a little squishy baby."

Speaking with PEOPLE about her musings gone viral, Heather says she "started wondering" about the name after welcoming her little boy home.

"I started wondering if I had made the right choice around the time we got home and settled. I knew I loved the name, but I was having a hard time connecting it to such a tiny little human!" she tells PEOPLE.

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Heather's husband tried to reassure her, telling her he felt sure about the name.

"He has been 100 percent sure of the name since the day we chose it!" she shares. "In fact, it was his name suggestion and he compared every other option to it."

Heather asked at the end of her video if other moms could relate. Commenters swarmed in with a combination of nickname suggestions and reassurance that the mom would feel like the name fit her little one in time.

"I have gotten quite a few really good ideas and adorable nicknames," Heather shares. "Stan the Man — which uses his middle name — Reeder Rabbit, and Reedy Petey have been the favorites!"

Heather was grateful for moms who "let me know I wasn't alone."

"Many other parents had similar reservations for their own children. In most cases, it just took some time to get used to, which is what I believe will be the case for me."

Getty / TongRo Images Stock image of newborn baby wearing hospital bracelet
Getty / TongRo Images Stock image of newborn baby wearing hospital bracelet

Heather notes some people have said there's no shame in changing the name if her heart isn't set on it.

"There is a sentimental meaning to the name, so I wouldn't legally change it. He was my first boy after three girls, so part of me wonders if it was still just the shock of having a son," she says.

"On my platform, I share my journey in motherhood as a working mom, and have been fortunate to build a welcoming and engaging community of other parents. In this case, I was met with almost all positive and encouraging words and suggestions."

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