Mitch McConnell Completely Froze Up Again, And It's Kind Of Telling What Question He Froze Up On

A couple of weeks ago, a clip of 81-year-old Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell went viral where he froze while being asked a question:

Afterward, he said he was "fine."

  Drew Angerer / Getty Images
Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Still, it caused people to question whether he was up for the job, and people called on him to resign and retire.

A closeup of Mitch McConnell
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Well, now it happened again.


A video of him freezing is once again going viral:

BREAKING NEWS: Sen. Mitch McConnell appearing to have another scary episode in the media gaggle in Covington today. Aides had to step in to help him out and repeat questions. He was eventually lead away. We'll have the full video on @WLWT

— Hannah Thomas (@HannahPThomas) August 30, 2023

WLWT/ Twitter: @HannahPThomas

The *interesting* part of this incident was the question he froze up on.


He was asked, "Are you running for reelection in 2026?"


People are pointing out this interesting occurrence.

Mitch McConnell’s latest incident of freezing mid-press conference occurred when asked about his plans for running for re-election in 2026.

— Pop Crave (@PopCrave) August 30, 2023

Twitter: @PopCrave

From "Wow, what a coincidence!"...

Wow, what a coincidence! When Mitch was asked his thoughts on running for re-election in 2026, his body responded… he froze up again. This is a problem. I’m sympathetic to health, but we can’t have individuals in office who are clearly unfit to serve due to their health. #Resign

— Dr. NBA (@DrNBA_) August 30, 2023

Twitter: @DrNBA_

... to "I think that's a huge blaring red sign that he should NOT [run again.]"

I think that’s a huge blaring red sign that he should NOT if I’ve ever seen one…

— steven ❀ (@arianaunext) August 30, 2023

Twitter: @arianaunext

People think this might be it for Mitch.

I’m not even a fan of/supporter of Mitch but this is a clear sign for the sake of his name, retire now before it becomes all you’re remembered for.

— Good Guy (@GoodGuyBadge01) August 30, 2023

Twitter: @GoodGuyBadge01

I guess we'll have to wait and see!

  Drew Angerer / Getty Images
Drew Angerer / Getty Images