Miranda Lambert Shocks Fans with "Unexpected" Career News

Miranda Lambert Shocks Fans with "Unexpected" Career News

Miranda Lambert is a country music powerhouse, but now the Texas native is teaming up with Latin star Enrique Iglesias for a very unexpected duet.

Miranda and Enrique are releasing a brand-new song, "Space in My Heart," on February 22. The song will be featured on Enrique's album, Final (Vol. 2), which drops on March 29. The global icon has announced that this will, in fact, be his final album. Enrique told Today, "I’ve been working on this album for quite a bunch of years. And for me it was always like I said, my final album... this is it. I don’t think — no, I know, I won’t be doing any more albums."

Miranda shared a clip of the duet, complete with heartfelt vocals accompanied by an acoustic guitar, with the message, "Texas meets Spain! 🤠 Can’t wait for y’all to hear this one." Fans jumped to the comments section to share their excitement for the new music.

  • "Love it!! Can’t wait for the full version ❤🙌"

  • "Country and Pop???!!!....what a magnificent amalgamation...can't wait for more!!!!"

  • "Sounds heartbreakingly beautiful"

  • "Unexpected collab!! I can’t wait to hear the full song!!❤"

  • "😱surprising + shocking 🥺😭💘 loved it!!!💌💯"

In the clip, Miranda and Enrique sing, "You don't love me yet, but I know you will, if you only felt half of what I feel. If you ever go, I will never change. There's a space in my heart, and it's just your shape." We can't wait to hear the rest of the song.

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