Millie Bobby Brown Makes Candid Confession About Taylor Swift

Millie Bobby Brown, Taylor Swift

While Millie Bobby Brown is a star in her own right, she is also a major fan of another popular celebrity: Taylor Swift.

During a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show promoting her new Netflix film Damsel, Brown admitted to being a "hardcore Swiftie," before proving just how devoted she was to the singer ahead of her Eras Tour show.

"I feel like very excited to be 20. It's like a new era, as Taylor Swift would say," began Brown in a clip from the talk show on Instagram captioned, "#Swiftie life is the best life 🫶."

"Very nicely done," complimented host Kelly Clarkson, before questioning Brown about if she attended Swift's record-breaking Eras Tour. This opened the door for Brown to admit her serious Swiftie status, with the actress saying, "I am like hardcore Swiftie. Like I know exactly where she is at all times kind of thing."

While Clarkson joked that "some might call that a stalker," some audience members must've related to Brown, as after the Damsel star shared how she and her sister tracked Swift's surprise songs for the whole tour, at least one person confirmed that they did the same.

According to Brown, it was worth the effort, as she said of the tour, "It was the most amazing experience, Like the fans there, they're the same as me," before adding that when Swift played her song "evermore," Brown "collapsed to the ground" from excitement.

"Millie and I need to be friends lol," wrote one fan in reaction to Brown's interview, while another Swiftie related to her efforts, saying, "I feel you, Millie. I have the same board. But now Taylor is doing so many mashups it’s hard to keep it up."

Brown's new movie, Damsel, which she also talked about during her visit to the talk show, comes out on Netflix on March 8 and also stars Nick Robinson, Robin Wright, Angela Bassett and more.

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