Your Milk Frother Is The Secret To Whipped Cream In A Flash

bowl of strawberries with whipped cream
bowl of strawberries with whipped cream - Ganzoben/Getty Images

​​Making whipped cream could be the easiest recipe on the planet, as essentially the title is the method. All you need to make perfect whipped cream is cream and something that can incorporate air. While even a simple whisk will do, it can take some time and elbow grease. If you want to go the quick route, you can use a stand mixer, but those are a pain to clean and you might need to make a larger batch than you need. The cleanest, quickest method for making a small amount of whipped cream is a hand-held milk frother.

These little personal milk-frothing wands have popped up all over social media as people use them for several different things from aerating wine and improving cheap tequila to making soup extra creamy. Their real purpose is to create a coffee house experience at home by frothing small amounts of steamed milk to top coffee. But they're also perfect for making a small amount of whipped cream.

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How To Make Whipped Cream With A Milk Frother

handheld milk frother and milk
handheld milk frother and milk - Alex Vog/Shutterstock

While making whipped cream is easy in theory, making perfect whipped cream with a milk frother requires a few simple preparations. First, make sure your milk frother is charged; any dip in speed will make the cream harder to firm up. The faster the frother, the more air is incorporated. Second, you need to have very cold cream, and if possible, a chilled vessel to whip the cream in.

Since you won't be able to vary the speed of a basic frother, be sure your cup or bowl has high sides to avoid any splatters. Be aware that the cream will double in size. Ideally, you can use a small pitcher designed for steaming milk. Also, be sure to have any flavorings on hand to add as you mix. A great, simple beginner whipped cream recipe contains powdered sugar -- which dissolves more easily -- and a hint of vanilla extract.

Once you have everything set, pour the chilled cream into the chilled vessel and whip until bubbles begin to form, then add the powdered sugar. Your basic vanilla whipped cream recipe uses 2 tablespoons of confectioners sugar to 1 cup of cream, so be sure to scale down and add to taste depending on the amount of cream you're whipping. After the mixture begins to thicken, add the vanilla extract and whip until your desired consistency. Just don't overwhip, or you'll essentially just make sweetened butter. Oops.

Other Things To Make With A Milk Frother

hollandaise sauce on poached egg
hollandaise sauce on poached egg - artem evdokimov/Shutterstock

If you don't own a milk frother, it's time to pick up this indispensable tool, even if you don't whip cream every day. This amazing little tool can do so much more than just whip cream and froth milk. You can use it for many other annoying little kitchen tasks. Plus, a decent one can be had for around $10.

Several social media videos swear by its use for making wine taste better. Similar to a decanter, the frother can incorporate air that opens up the wine. Other uses for this magical piece of equipment are blending cocktails when you don't have a shaker, whipping eggs for a fluffy omelet, and even seamlessly emulsifying salad dressing. Whatever you need to add some air to would be a perfect use for this buzzing little tool. Mayonnaise and other egg yolk-based sauces become a breeze -- hollandaise could be easily whipped up at brunch using this tool. A delicious old-fashioned egg cream would also be one to try. Your imagination is truly the limit.

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