Miley Cyrus Shared A Detailed Schedule Of Her Life At 13, And It's Truly, Truly Wild

In case you didn't know, you are lucky to be alive during the biggest year of Miley Cyrus's career.

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"Flowers" is still a massive and completely inescapable global smash.

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Her new single "Used to Be Young" is predicted to debut in the top 10 in the US and (probably) in most places around the world.

And it just seems like people are finally *respecting* her genius.

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I am fully manifesting her first Grammy and a Super Bowl halftime performance in 2024. It will happen.

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Miley is currently doing promotion for her new single, and she's releasing interview clips on TikTok.

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This one, where she details a day in her life at 13, caught my attention:

“So… i do think this girl deserves a little endless summer vacation…” - miley cyrus reacting to her work schedule as a 13 years old… insane.

— Miley Nation (@MileyNation13) August 29, 2023

@mileycyrus/ Twitter: @MileyNation13

Here's the schedule written out; mind you, she was "12 or 13":

Screenshot of Miley's childhood schedule
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“That truly was the next four years of your life,” her mom Tish said in the background.

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“I’m a lot of things, but lazy ain’t one of them,” Miley said in response.

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Now I get why they are using these billboards as promo:

"I wouldn't wish being 13 years old on my worst enemy"
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