Miley Cyrus hilariously calls out the paparazzi at the Grammys: ‘What is that?’

Miley Cyrus hilariously calls out the paparazzi at the Grammys: ‘What is that?’

Miley Cyrus called out the paparazzi for how they went about taking photos at the 2024 Grammy Awards.

The 31-year-old singer took to the red carpet on 4 February after receiving six Grammy nominations. Once the night came to a close, she walked home with her first-ever Grammy Awards: Record of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance, both for her hit song, “Flowers”.

When Cyrus first arrived at the Arena in LA, she was wearing a sheer metal gold dress by Maison Margiela, paired with a curled and coiffed updo and Tiffany & Co jewellery. However, while posing for photos on the red carpet, she was a bit surprised to see that some of the paparazzi weren’t using cameras.

“iPhones?” she said, before comically moving her eyes around to scan the room. “What is that?” The video then continued with the Disney Channel veteran posing and smiling for the paparazzi.

On social media, many fans have praised Cyrus’s candid reaction to paparazzi using their iPhones to take pictures at the event, as opposed to professional cameras.

“LMFAO! Miley said, ‘What is this, honey? An iPhone?? Girl, put your shoes on. Let’s go buy you a camera,’” one quipped.

“‘iPhones?’ I’m crying she was like where are the professional CAMERAS,” another added.

A third tweeted: “Miley Cyrus has a way of turning anything, even a tech confusion, into comedy gold. Makes you wonder if she missed her calling as a stand-up comedian, especially in an era where everyone’s glued to their iPhone cameras pretending they’re [Steven] Spielberg.”

On 4 February, Cyrus started off the evening by taking home her first-ever Grammy Award. She also had the opportunity to perform her hit tune, “Flowers”, during the show, and she made a slight lyric change to celebrate her achievement. “Started to cry, then remembered I just won my first Grammy!” she sang.

However, earlier in the performance, she struggled to get the crowd back on their feet for her break-up anthem, as she asked while singing: “Why are y’all acting like you don’t know this song?”

Later in the evening, the “Wrecking Ball” singer took home her second award for Record of the Year. During her acceptance speech, where she wore her fifth outfit of the night, she expressed her gratitude for both the award and all the opportunities she’s had in her career.

“This award is amazing. But I really hope that it doesn’t change anything because my life was beautiful yesterday. Not everyone in the world will get a Grammy, but everyone in this world is spectacular,” she said, before quipping: “So please don’t think that this is important, even though it’s very important, right guys?”

Shen then thanked some of the important people in her life, including her production team and mother Tish Cyrus, before making a joke about something she forgot to do that evening.

“I don’t think I forgot anyone. But I might have forgotten underwear. Bye!” she concluded, while wearing a sparkled, one-shoulder gown with a high slit.

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