Michelle Wie West reveals how Taylor Swift wound up wearing the ‘TNT’ bracelet she designed

Michelle Wie West isn’t a big football fan, but she told Jimmy Fallon during a recent “Tonight Show” appearance that she started screaming at her phone at the sight of Taylor Swift wearing the diamond bracelet she’d designed for Wove, a jewelry company started by two Army Rangers.

Wie West told Fallon on Monday night that she’d messaged Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce to tell him that she’d made an “upscale friendship bracelet” inspired by the beaded ones fans swap at Swift’s concerts. Wie said she’d love to gift one to Swift and didn’t care what she did with it.

After photos of Swift wearing the “TNT” bracelet – which Wie West said stands for Travis and Taylor – began to circulate following the Chiefs’ AFC Championship victory in January, Wie West said the company’s website crashed.

All thanks to Kelce’s assist.

“I mean, the Taylor effect was crazy,” Wie West told Golfweek. “I’ve read about it, but to actually be on the other side of it was like insane.”

The Custom Diamond Friendship Bracelet, also known as the “TNT bracelet worn by Swift,” sells for $5,680. Wie West said they set out to make a more affordable version after the Swift frenzy. The Sterling Silver Custom Friendship Bracelet sells for $290.

“It’s been amazing,” said Wie West. “You know, she is probably the most influential human being on this planet. And, as a woman, to see a fellow woman be able to command that, it’s so inspiring.”

Wie West recently met Swift for the first time at a golf fundraiser in Las Vegas benefitting Patrick Mahomes’ foundation.

“She’s so nice,” said Wie West of the music icon. “She was wearing the bracelet. She was very impressed with the company as well, which I thought was really cool, that she’d read up on the company and there’s obviously a thought process behind wearing something, especially because of what it means. It looked very good on her.”

Wie West, host of this week’s Mizuho Americas Open, was on Fallon’s show to promote her new documentary, “Dream Big: The Michelle Wie Story.” She also took the opportunity to share some exciting personal news.

She’s pregnant.

“Hi baby No. 2,” Fallon said with a big smile, “welcome to ‘The Tonight Show.’ ”

Story originally appeared on GolfWeek