Michael Strahan’s Daughter Isabella Shares First Look at Chemo Process: ‘Not Excited’

Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan's daughter Isabella, who has a twin sister named Sophia, is currently undergoing treatment for her medulloblastoma, a cancerous brain tumor near her cerebellum.

After her diagnosis, Isabella decided to start a YouTube channel to share her journey with the public, and she recently invited people to come along as she started chemotherapy.

In a new vlog posted on Feb. 7, Isabella shared that she was "not excited" to get her port put in, which is an implanted device that allows medical professionals to administer treatments or draw blood with ease instead of having to put a new IV in every time.

Isabella kept a lighthearted attitude throughout the process, though, chatting with the people working in the hospital, as well as her mother, Jean Muggli, and Strahan's longtime partner, Kayla Quick, who were both in the room with her. Her aunt, Cindy, was also by her side, distracting her with a game of gin rummy.

She titled the video, "Needles are no fun!" and during one moment, Isabella dictated all the procedures she had to go through that day. Along with healing from the port surgery, she had a kidney test, an EKG, an MRI, and multiple blood draws. But she still seemed in good spirits, and after the day was done, Isabella went to a nearby Waffle House with her mother, aunt, and twin sister.

Many people who tuned in shared overwhelming support for Isabella. "I am so proud of your bravery in doing these videos...Hang in there sweetie, much better days are ahead!!❤❤," said one viewer, while many more called her a "warrior," " A REAL Hero," a "Beautiful and BRAVE young woman," and more, along with other kind words of encouragement.

Isabella was diagnosed with cancer in October 2023, and she quickly underwent surgery to remove the brain tumor. Since then, she has gone through radiation therapy and is now moving on to chemo, keeping everyone updated with her personal videos.

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