How to be prepared for Mercury Retrograde: The dos and don'ts

Mercury is in retrograde again and communications, technology, finances, and self-expression could begin to go haywire, if they haven’t already.

Thankfully, Yahoo Lifestyle’s astrologer and bestselling author of Moonology Yasmin Boland and astrology expert Kim Farnell have joined forces with a new book to help us embrace the crazy and be prepared for it.

Mercury Retrograde is happening this week. Photo: Getty

The following is an extract from The Mercury Retrograde Book.

Be prepared: dos and don’ts for Mercury retrograde

Mercury retrograde is a great time to deal with unfinished business. We all start things we don’t get around to completing, creating clutter in our lives. This period gives us time to tie up loose ends and create a clear vision for the future. If you take advantage of it, you’ll be ready for what’s next when Mercury goes direct. That’s why part of making the most of Mercury retrograde is being prepared.

Use the quick checklist of dos and don’ts below to help you make the right decisions.

Photo: Suppled/The Mercury Retrograde Book
Photo: Suppled/The Mercury Retrograde Book
Photo: Suppled/The Mercury Retrograde Book
Photo: Suppled/The Mercury Retrograde Book

If things do go wrong when Mercury is retrograde, try not to assume the worst. Give other people the benefit of the doubt. People, you included, are likely to be more careless, mistake‐prone and forgetful when Mercury is retrograde; someone might not have read your e‐mail or text – the fact that they haven’t yet replied doesn’t necessarily mean they’re ignoring you. Sometimes having conversations face to face can make things easier.

Be aware that anything started or purchased during Mercury retrograde may need to be revisited and revised at least once before you get what you want from it, whether it’s a new job, a new phone or whatever. It will be worth the revisiting and revisions because Mercury is a teacher.

If you’re frustrated or confused by a retrograde cycle, it may help to remember that all your fellow earthlings are similarly afflicted; try to be kind and tolerant to yourself and to others.

Mercury’s retrograde cycles present us with opportunities to recoup our investments of time, money and attention. No matter when we start something, Mercury retrograde will present us with a way to revisit, review and repair it.

The golden rule

The key with Mercury retrograde is always to let the cycle unfold without making any major decisions, if you can. Mercury retrograde usually leads to more information being sent your way, so it’s best to see what transpires and, if possible, wait until the end of the cycle (and ideally a few days after that) before you act.

Will the universe be on your side this week? Photo: Getty

The Mercury Retrograde Book, published by Hay House, is available now.

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