The one thing Meghan isn't allowed to do with Harry

Bianca Soldani

Now that she’s well on her way to becoming an official member of the royal family, there are certain things Meghan Markle will need to get used to.

She’s already announced that she will be giving up her acting career to focus on her new royal duties, and while she was out on her first public engagement with Prince Harry on Friday, she had to say no to something else that comes quite naturally to people of her generation.

When asked by a well-wisher if she would pose for a selfie, Meghan had to decline, and was quoted saying, “we're not allowed to do selfies”.

Meghan was quoted saying that she 'wasn't allowed' to take selfies. Photo: Getty

She and Harry were meeting crowds in Nottingham for World Aids Day and were repeatedly asked for a selfie. So what’s the rule?

Well, there are a few royal protocols Meghan needs to now follow – she won’t be able to be touched by non-royals and can’t finish eating before the Queen, for example – but selfie taking is more of a blurred line.

It’s said that the Queen doesn’t like it when people around to take a selfie because she prefers to look people in the eye.

It doesn't stop people from trying to take selfies... Photo: Getty

In fact, when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Canada last year, people were advised not to take selfies with Kate and Wills either.

“Turning your back to the Duke and Duchess and taking a selfie is discouraged if at all possible,” a representative of the Canadian tourism department said.

“I know it's fun to do, but they much would rather see your face.” 

But that’s not to say that selfies have never been taken of the royals, as this cheeky photo proves. Although to be fair, no backs are turned to Kate in this example.

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