Why Meghan Markle always looks smaller than she actually is

Allison Yee
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She’s rarely been spotted wearing flats since she tied the knot to Prince Harry, but despite Meghan Markle’s dedication to towering stilettos, royal watchers have noticed something strange.

The former Suits actress always looks much shorter than her 168 centimetres, no matter how high her designer heels are.

Meghan has become a master of wearing heels – and is never seen out at events without towering stilettos on. Photo: Getty

Now one report reveals there’s a good reason for the Duchess of Sussex’s small frame appearing even smaller when she’s out at royal events.

According to the Sun, no matter what Meghan does to boost her height, she’s up against it with the family she’s married into.

While Meghan is known for wearing heels to minimise the height difference between her and her 185 centimetre tall husband, Harry’s brother Prince William’s 190 centimetre frame will always dwarf Meghan’s.

No matter how high her heels, Meghan is always dwarfed by Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton. Photo: Getty

Meghan, 37, doesn’t get much help when it comes to Wills’ wife Kate either. The Duchess of Cambridge is relatively tall at 175 centimetres, and even more statuesque in heels as well.

Despite her struggles, Meghan has adopted some savvy techniques to make sure photos of her and Harry don’t look too absurd.

Not only does she always wear heels to events, the duchess’ wardrobe choices, particularly her fondness for mid-length pencil skirts, are all carefully planned to ensure photo ops look their best.

Insiders say Meghan is conscious of the height difference between her and Harry, and dresses accordingly. Photo: Getty

“The shape of skirts… give the optical illusion to make her look taller than she actually is,” celebrity snapper Glenn Gratton told Femail.

Although Meghan might struggle for eye contact when it comes to the younger members of the royal family, there’s a few in the same boat as her.

The Queen is the only member of the royal family Meghan has a height advantage over. Photo: Getty

The Queen is the shortest member of the family at 162 centimetres (she also favours sensible heeled shoes as well, which is a bonus for Meghan), while Camilla is the same height as her daughter-in-law.

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