Megan Fox says “Jennifer's Body” demonic character is a 'good representation of who I am'

"She was that typical girl who then there was this other side to her where she became the sort of demon sorceress," she said. "And I am both of those things."

Megan Fox has a flair for the demonic.

In a new interview with WWD promoting her book of poetry Pretty Boys Are Poisonous, the Transformers actress revealed that she feels a special kinship with her titular Jennifer’s Body character. “I feel like that’s such a good representation of who I am in general,” she told the outlet. “[B]efore she was turned into a demon and she became this Goth icon, [Jennifer] was this poppy, typical cheerleader, Forever 21 girl.”

In the 2009 horror film, Fox’s character is transformed into a supernatural monster after a botched deal with the devil. “She was that typical girl who then there was this other side to her where she became the sort of demon sorceress,” Fox continued. “And I am both of those things, and I always have been.”

<p>Doane Gregory/TM and Fox Atomic/Courtesy Everett Collection</p> Megan Fox in 'Jennifer's Body'

Doane Gregory/TM and Fox Atomic/Courtesy Everett Collection

Megan Fox in 'Jennifer's Body'

Fox said that as a teenager, she dressed in a mixture of Hot Topic items and “slutty clothes from Forever 21,” which is part of the reason she identified with Jennifer. Since her adolescence, her connection to her fashion sense has ebbed and flowed. “I’ve had a weird relationship with fashion because for so long I was rejecting being famous and rejecting whatever this image was that was sort of hung on me, this person I was supposed to be,” she said.

Revealing how she used to run from fashion, the actress adds “My expression was blocked in that way for a long time,” Fox continued. “And then more recently, I rediscovered it, and especially right now, I’m going through all these different phases of like, ‘what do I like and what can I wear that expresses how I’m feeling or what do I want or what I want to say in this moment?’

Fox also said that she doesn’t find much creative fulfillment in her performances because of the lack of control over the creative process. “Yes, you can bring your creativity and express something through it within this very limited box," she notes. "But I think there’s only a handful of actors who are really talented in that way, where they can fully express within the boundaries of what it is to be an actor. And I’m not one of them.”

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