Megan Fox Debuts a Stunning New Summer Cut and Color

That’s that me, espresso (martini hair color).

The queen of hair transformations is at it again—that’s right, Megan Fox is rocking a new ‘do, and this time, it’s inspired by the wild west.

Coined the “cowgirl bob” this style is a fresh take on the pixie and bob styles that have been pretty much everywhere the past year. Fox’s go-to hair stylist, Dimitris Giannetos, debuted the chop—not to mention, the new “espresso martini” hair color—on Instagram and the comments section is as you’d expect…utterly obsessed.

“Megan Fox has been at the forefront of every hair trend, both cut and color wise, but this rich espresso tousled bob, might be my favorite on her so far!” says Clara Purvis, Stylist and Founder of Noordwyck Salon & Blue Dunes Beauty. “It is an effortless flirty shaped bob, with loose texture and soft French bangs.”

Now that summer is around the corner, it’s no surprise short cuts are back in vogue. Read on to learn how to achieve this style and embrace your inner cowgirl.

What is a cowgirl bob?

Fox’s style includes a wispy French girl bang with blunt chin-length ends. A messier textured version of the iconic bob, when asking for it in the salon you can show a few inspiration and reference images of these styles to give a better sense of direction to your stylist.

“The shape is a mostly one length bob with just some soft textured layers towards the ends, combined with graduated French bangs that blend into a cheekbone grazing face frame,” says Purvis.

How do I style a cowgirl bob?

To style, Purvis recommends a less is more approach to embrace natural texture. “Always use a heat protectant to start, like Davines Melu Hair Shield, and then rough dry the hair to give it a lived in feel,” says Purvis. “Smoothing it out where needed, you may opt to focus mostly on styling the bangs and leaving the rest more tousled and natural.”

We recommend finishing the look with a hair cream (we love Blue Dunes Moonage Haircream!) to add that lived in windswept feel, like you just got off your horse.

What is the espresso martini hair color?

A departure from Fox’s latest vibrant hair colors, the espresso martini shade is a “beautiful chocolate brunette with a lot of shine,” says IGK Hair Care Co-Founder, Chase Kusero. Though some people opt-in for some lightened money pieces in the front, Fox’s to-die-for version starts with that rich brunette color as the base, adding in smaller highlights of hot chestnut throughout.

Kusero recommends achieving this color with IGK Permanent Color Kits in Bold Brown, and topping off with an IGK Color Depositing Mask for some extra shine and gloss.

When you change your hair color, it’s important to take extra care to ensure your fresh ‘do looks as amazing as possible. Lucky for us, Giannetos shared an Instagram Reel breaking down how he’s helped Fox keep her hair healthy through all her hair transformations (seriously, there’s been a lot). To start, Giannetos applied the Hair Filler Inner Fiber Repair Treatment to repair and strengthen the hair from the inside out. Next, he used the Hair Filler + Ceramide Color Repair Shampoo and Conditioner – and let it sit for 45 minutes – to keep hair vibrant, hydrated and most important of all for a bob, smooth. For a bit of shine he added the Hair Filler + Ceramide Color Repair Serum as the pièce de résistance.

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