Meet Amanda Bisk, the Instagram fitness star helping pets live happier, healthier lives

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Now she has another to add to the list, as the newest brand ambassador for Purina Beyond®-a range of natural pet food expertly designed with just 9 key ingredients.

It's a move she thinks perfectly combines her love of animals––especially her two dachshunds Willow and Charlie––with her love for healthy living.

"I want to give my dogs the best possible lives, which includes a holistic approach to their fitness, nutrition and health," she says. "Purina Beyond® recipes have been made to offer the best possible nutrition for dogs. I feel that their philosophies around using healthy, natural, and preservative free ingredients resonate with me."

Bisk is definitely someone who knows how important it is to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. In 2011, as the fitness guru was preparing for the London Olympics, she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. It was moment that changed her life completely, ruining her Olympic dreams and forcing her to take stock and listen to her body in a different way.
"I had grown up my entire life trying to push my physical and mental limits," she explains. "I was an elite athlete since the age of six so hard training, busy schedules and huge expectations (mainly from myself) was all I ever knew.

"Chronic fatigue forced me to stop. And it sounds funny, but it was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time."
While the transition was painful, says Bisk, it also allowed her to look beyond the track and field and discover a new approach to health and fitness.

"I have learnt so much since I have been unwell; it's really been a defining period of my life and something that has greatly influenced who I am today. More than anything, it has really taught me to truly understand my body and mind and realize that it is ok to actually stop once in awhile and rest," she says.

The former pole vaulter has taken these lessons to Instagram, sharing with her nearly 700,000 followers advice on how to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Now as an ambassador for Purina Beyond® Bisk hopes she can share similar health lessons with our furry friends. She was excited to work with Purina Beyond and host Australia's first dog wellness event-Fitness on 4 Paws in Sydney-where she lead "A fun, heart-pounding workout that maximised health benefits for both dog and owner."

For Bisk, it's all part of a broader philosophy of making sure well-being is put first––for both ourselves and our pets.

"My fitness and wellbeing are incredibly important to me, and I definitely take the same approach towards looking after my two dachshunds. My diet has heaps of variety and balance and I can trust that Purina Beyond® "Simply 9' provides that for my pups too."

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