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Here’s where to find the TikTok-viral K-beauty toner pads: They’re like a ‘quick mini sheet mask’

Your current self — with robust skin care routine full of moisturizers, serums, cleansers and more — would likely shriek in horror at skin care routines of the early to mid-2010s. Remember when you used to remove your makeup with tiny makeup-removing pads and then do nothing else? It’s unfathomable.

So when you hear K-beauty skin care pads are the newest trend in on TikTok, you may get flashbacks to those horrific “before times.” But cringe not! Mediheal Toner Pads will make you a believer in skin care pads and their place in your modern skin care routine — especially when you use them, you know, correctly.

TikTok videos mentioning Mediheal Toner Pads currently have more than 343 million views on the platform, with countless skin care lovers praising the K-beauty creation. These toner pads are just what they sound like — palm-sized skin care pads infused with toner targeting a variety of skin concerns. One TikTok user perhaps puts it best, describing the pads as a “quick mini sheet mask.”

Luckily, they’re not hard to find. You can buy the Mediheal Toner Pads on Amazon for $22 per 90-pack.

Choose from seven different varieties.

$22 at Amazon

Though there are six types of Mediheal Toner Pads to choose from, TikTok users especially love the Phyto-Enzyme Peeling Pads for textured skin and the Madecassoside Blemish Pads for reducing blemishes and dark spots. But there are plenty of videos also praising the other four Mediheal pad types: the Collagen Ampoule Pads for firming and nourishing; the Tea Tree Trouble Pads for calming and soothing; the Vitamide Brightening Pads for brightening and clarifying; and the Watermide Moisture Pads for hydrating and cooling.

“Mediheal Toner Pads deserve the hype,” one TikTok user, @hi–imtiffanyyaa, said in their review of the skin care must-have.

To use the toner pads, skin care experts on TikTok recommend wiping a single pad over your skin after cleansing but before applying serums and moisturizers. Some toner pad users even recommend placing the toner pads on the areas of your face you especially want to target for several minutes before swiping over the rest of your skin. If you currently use a toner you love, you can use the pads (and get the benefits!) before applying your regular toner.

Just — for the love of all things good — do not use them as the only step in your skin care routine. We’re all so much wiser now.

Choose from seven different varieties.

$22 at Amazon

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