McDonald's Drops New McFlurry Flavor in India and Fans Are Begging for It to Come to the U.S.

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A new McDonald’s McFlurry flavor that recently arrived in India has many of the fast food chain’s American customers begging for a speedy expansion.

"Seriously, the US needs to bring these incredible sweet and savory items that McDonalds has, from abroad,” one Instagram user said after learning about the new McDonald’s India menu item.

If the flavor was available in U.S. locations, “I’d go to McDonald’s,” another fan said.

McDonald’s India introduced the Lotus Biscoff McFlurry on Instagram on Friday, March 29. “It’s a crush in the making,” the fast food restaurant wrote as it urged fans on social media to “hurry up and try” the new flavor, which it described as “what summer dreams are made of.”

Food blogger Snackolator also shared an image of the Lotus Biscoff McFlurry on Instagram, writing that the new flavor is “an option that needs to come to the states!”

The new treat is made with soft-serve vanilla ice cream, Biscoff cookies and cookie butter. It will also be available in India as a McCafe Frappe for those who prefer to try the new McFlurry flavor in beverage form.

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Biscoff Global Brand Director Kathleen Buyst said in a statement shared on the McDonald’s India blog that the cookie brand’s collaboration with McDonald’s was intended to deliver “a new taste sensation” to customers in India.

“The unique caramelized taste and crunchy bite of our beloved Biscoff cookie, combined with McDonald’s creamy McFlurry, promises a truly delightful experience for all,” Buyst said.

While some McDonald’s fans in India seemed eager to try out the Lotus Biscoff McFlurry, American customers had one plea for the fast food chain.

“Please bring to [the] states!” one Instagram user wrote as another echoed, “When is it coming” to the U.S.?

While McDonald’s hasn’t announced plans to bring the new McFlurry to U.S. restaurant locations, that fact alone certainly won’t stop fans from begging for the flavor to be added to American menus.

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