McDonald's Doesn't Have Onion Rings Due To Efficiency Concerns

Pile of onion rings on cream background
Pile of onion rings on cream background - kurganskiy/Shutterstock

Onion rings have to be one of the most popular sides for a burger out there. So, why doesn't McDonald's sell them? Former McDonald's corporate chef Mike Haracz took to TikTok to answer this commonly asked question. The short answer? If you're enjoying onion rings with your burger, you're probably not ordering fries. And, McDonald's really, really likes when you order fries.

According to Haracz, McDonald's goal with their menu is to be as efficient as possible. They want you to buy food that's easy and cheap to make at a higher price. We don't need to be restaurant experts to see why that makes sense. Interestingly, though, this is why McDonald's in the U.S. are offering fewer and fewer options. The fewer options you have, the more likely you are to buy their most efficiently made menu option. Plenty of fast food fans agree that McDonald's fries are delicious, so the chain sells more than its fair share of fries. And, they make quite a profit on this salty snack. Rocking the boat and giving us the option to order onion rings means that more people will skip the fries, which isn't in their best interest. Still, if you're a McDonald's fan with a hankering for onion rings, this dream isn't entirely impossible.

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McDonald's History With Onion Rings

Onion rings next to burger
Onion rings next to burger - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Did you know that McDonald's used to carry onion nuggets? Back in the 1970s, onion pieces that were dipped in batter and fried were created for McDonald's and tested around the U.S. When the idea for chicken McNuggets came about, though, onion nuggets fell to the wayside, and suffice it to say, chicken McNuggets have certainly made a name for themselves in a way the McDonald's onion nuggets did not. So, while it was in an entirely different shape than onion rings, McDonald's already took a shot at a fried onion snack, and its tried-and-true products reigned supreme.

While this anecdote may make a McDonald's onion ring being offered in the future sound even less likely, Mike Haracz thinks it's still possible. According to him, though, "it would probably be a limited time offer –– just because of efficiencies." So, we could see onion rings hit McDonald's menus for a limited time one day. Still, one thing is for sure: McDonald's french fries clearly aren't going anywhere anytime soon, and for this we are eternally grateful.

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