McDonald's Canada, Once Again, Gets A Cool McFlurry Flavor (Unlike US)

McFlurry cartons with spoons
McFlurry cartons with spoons - Karolis Kavolelis/Shutterstock

While the proverbial prophet is said not to be honored in their homeland, McDonald's is more likely to flip the script. In the U.S., it puts in minimum effort, while it seems to be trying a lot harder to wow the rest of the world. That may be why McDonald's menu items outside the U.S. always seem so much more enticing – one example is China's beef-and-sausage-stacked bu su zhi ba burger, which puts U.S. patties to shame. Another is an exciting-sounding McFlurry flavor that just got introduced in Canada because of course it did.

As of the time of writing, McDonald's Canada now has a confetti cookie dough McFlurry on its menu made with a vanilla base enhanced with lumps of what appears to be sugar cookie dough as well as colored sprinkles. According to the Snackolator Instagram, Canadian McDonald's "just brought back" this item, which leads us to believe that it is a fairly recent addition to the McFlurry lineup. It featured on the menu there before, though, as it was also a limited-time offering in May 2023. So this latest Snackolator post is a fresh reminder of why we envy Canada's good fortune.

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We're Actually Missing Out On A Bunch Of McFlurry Flavors

McDonald's confetti cookie dough McFlurry
McDonald's confetti cookie dough McFlurry - McDonald's Canada

Here on McDonald's ground zero, the chain's menu offers a measly two types of McFlurry: one made with Oreos and the other with M&Ms. In Canada, however, in addition to the confetti cookie dough one, you can also order an Oreo McFlurry as well as ones made with Cadbury Creme Eggs, Skor bars, and Smarties. (Not the nasty chalky fruit disc kind - in Canada this not-so-popular food brand goes by the name of Rockets, while Smarties are a far tastier chocolate confection.)

Canada isn't the only country with far better McFlurry options. McDonald's U.K. has McFlurries made with Biscoff cookies, Maltesers (a malted milk candy similar to Whoppers), and a British candy bar called Galaxy (this last McFlurry has a chocolate soft-serve base). In Australia, where even the chain refers to itself as Macca's, the Oreo and M&M's McFlurrys come in a choice of chocolate and vanilla (we've only got vanilla ones here), while chocolate and vanilla Caramello McFlurries are also on offer.

There's no need to start saving for a trip abroad if you're feeling envious, though - you can hit up your local Dairy Queen instead. Not only is the DQ Blizzard way better than the McFlurry (and comes in a lot more flavor options), but Dairy Queen's soft-serve machines are unlikely to be down for the count.

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