McDonald’s Fans Losing It Over Fruity Blast Drink Only Available Overseas

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McDonald's is dropping a new line of fruity beverages—but unfortunately for fans of the Home of the Golden Arches, they're not slated to hit the U.S.

The fast food chain's McFloat Blast is arriving in three different flavors for customers in Indonesia, and the combinations sound pretty delectable.

Providing a perfect summer treat, the drinks will be available in Sprite x Mango, Coca-Cola x Strawberry, and Sprite x Sakura, according to a social media post by food blog Snackolator.

"Now in Indonesia you can get McFloats with a fruity blast. You can start with your favorite soda (Coke, Sprite, etc) and then add some vanilla ice cream and give it a flavor blast of mango, strawberry, or sakura. It's what Sonic is already doing and McDonald's has the capability to do here!" the Monday, May 6 upload's caption stated.

Fans immediately dropped their reactions to the international release in the comment section.

"They need to do this in the usa omg .. as a sprite girly, i wanna try the mango and sakura !!! 🙁🙁," one campaigned, as another shared a comical meme of Prince Harry exclaiming, "Yes, please!"

Meanwhile, someone else took the opportunity to make another request instead: "We need to Grimace shake to make a return. Or give us a Hamburglar shake lol."

Earlier this week, fans had a similar response when McDonald's announced it was officially bringing back a fan-favorite McFlurry flavor, the Confetti Cookie Dough McFlurry, but only at Canada locations, making American consumers jealous.

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