McCormick Is Adding a New Spice for the First Time in 5 Years

This will give your spice rack a real kick!



McCormick is our go-to spice brand for good reason. The company has been around since the late 1800s and has provided us with everything from poultry seasoning for our roasted turkey to ground cinnamon to make our gingerbread cookies.

With all the brand's seasoning and spices, there is already plenty to choose from, but now there will be another offering you're going to want to add to your spice rack ASAP.

McCormick’s is launching its brand-new Crushed Jalapeño Pepper to its well-known lineup of herbs and spices. The release is the brand’s first new spice in roughly five years and will be available in major retail stores starting in June.



Crushed jalapeño is hot right now (no pun intended). There’s a reason why the internet was going wild over this jalapeño dust trend just earlier this month. Now, with McCormick’s new Crushed Jalapeño Pepper, we have even more ways to add a bit of extra spice to our dishes with just a simple bottle shake. No cutting, dicing, or removing of seeds is required.

This new spice means you no longer need fresh jalapeños on hand when you’re craving to add some heat to your favorite dishes (think: spicy homemade chili and pub-style nachos).

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