We May Have Been Saying Travis Kelce's Name Wrong This Whole Time

Travis Kelce #87 of the Kansas City Chiefs

It's possible that fans have been saying Jason and Travis Kelce's last name wrong all along—or have they?

To be honest, the NFL star brothers neither confirmed nor denied this claim, making jokes about the true pronunciation of "Kelce" with a lighthearted conversation that included none other than their dad, Ed Kelce (also more affectionately known these days as Papa Kelce).

In a resurfaced clip from the duo's sports podcast, New Heights, which releases new episodes on Wednesdays, Travis and Jason hilariously began to decode whether fans have been saying their name incorrectly, by referencing a video shared in a joint Instagram post by the NFL and the official account of the audio show.

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In the clip, Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones was caught in footage from a recent game discussing the topic with a nearby teammate. "So y'all know it's not even Travis Kelce?" he said in the snippet, pronouncing Kelce with a long E sound at the end.

"What is it?" the player next to him asked, to which he replied, "It's Travis Kelc-," with no E sound at the end, before adding, "Crazy, right?"

The caption of the upload quipped, "@stonecoldjones95 making sure everyone knows the real pronunciation of “Kelce”. 😂"

The Kelce brothers had previously brought in their dad to clarify, because who better to ask about the actual pronunciation of your last name than who you received it from?

"Should we go by Kelc- or Kelce?" Jason asked his father, and the response was simply priceless. "Do whatever you want—I did!" Papa Kelce cavalierly replied.

Travis, as per his usual, then erupted into boisterous laughter at his dad's (obviously unexpected) admission.

"That's about as fair of an answer as I've heard," Jason said.

"I'mma go by both," Travis exclaimed, as his big bro, on the other hand, made a clear choice: "I'm going by Kelce—don't call me Kelc-."

So, from the looks of it, either could be correct—depending on which brother you ask!

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