'The Matilda Challenge' is bizarre new internet trend

The Internet is full of challenges that are less than advisable.

The trend started off with ice water dumped over a person for charity, or someone attempting to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon, only to find that the spice clogged their air passages and burned their throats.

But then these high jinks took a turn for the sinister and outrageously stupid.

In 2018, the Hot Water Challenge, in which a person has boiling water poured over them, became popular, and I probably need not remind you of the Tide Pod Challenge.

Mara Wilson starred as Matilda in the film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s 1988 novel. Photo: Youtube

Thankfully, a new challenge is starting to trend, one that is actually wholesome and safe.

The Matilda Challenge is inspired by the 1996 family comedy starring Mara Wilson, who played the titular genius who discovers her telekinetic powers.

In one of the well-known scenes from Matilda, Mara dances around her home, causing things to fly around in midair to the tune of ‘Little Bitty Pretty One’.

Despite the film being released 22 years ago, the internet is recreating this exact scene using a plethora of friends and family to help make their telekinetic powers look legit.

Even the original star of the movie is a fan of all these “tributes.”

If only I had friends to help me make my telekinetic dreams a reality!

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