Mat Rogers addresses the moment that will go down in Survivor history

Eliza Velk
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As far as Survivor gameplay goes, last night’s episode will undoubtedly go down as one of the best in Australian Survivor history thanks to Benji’s epic power move at tribal council.

Not only did he manage to get members of the champion alliance to turn on one another, convince a fellow contestant to flush their immunity idol AND change who it gets played for at the last minute, but he ALSO epically blindsided the ‘Godfather’ of the game Mat Rogers.

Forner NRL champion Mat Rogers walked away with an immunity idol in his pocket after last night’s blindside. Source: Ten

Even Mat thought the move was ‘brilliant’ and has since addressed the question lingering on everyone’s mind, ‘Why didn’t he play his own immunity idol?’

Given Benji had to openly scramble to convince Sharn not to save Mat, many fans thought the former NRL player would catch on, but when speaking to Be he says he simply, “didn’t think fast enough”.

“Sitting at home watching it even I was screaming at the TV, ‘Play your idol you idiot’ but in the situation you’re tired, you’re hungry you’re just exhausted and you’re not thinking as clearly as what you would normally,” Mat said.

Web Of Lies GIF by Australian Survivor - Find & Share on GIPHY

“The way that he said it was going to be a split vote… I was trying to count in my head, if we have four they have five and they’re splitting we should still have the numbers… but before I knew it my name was being read out.”

However, it turned out the biggest point of confusion for Mat was the fact that Benji was even talking at all.

“I didn’t comprehend what was going down… Benji started talking at a point where I wasn’t sure if you could or couldn’t talk so I was mainly thinking what’s going on here I thought this was a quiet time.”

Mat Yew GIF by Australian Survivor - Find & Share on GIPHY

Despite this, Mat applauds Benji for speaking out after saying, “He’s playing the game as good as I’ve ever seen anyone play it.”

“From the start, he was lying and manipulating situations, creating paranoia where it wasn’t to give him power – which is a smart way to play if that’s what you want to do,” says Mat, revealing it was the total opposite to his own ‘nice guy’ strategy.

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