What is the ‘Mastermind’ TikTok trend?

Taylor Swift’s Midnights has already sparked another TikTok trend.

This time around, it’s the song “Mastermind,” in which the singer discusses manufacturing a romance and making it appear serendipitous. The theme has prompted some TikTokers to discuss how they planned out their own relationships. The song currently has over 20,000 videos associated with it.

“As a result of new Taylor Swift song ‘mastermind’ girls have been posting their boyfriend acquisition stories on TikTok,” @coldhealing wrote on Twitter.

The user @lyssielooloo shared that she tagged a bunch of photos with the lead singer of a band she was obsessed with. Then, when they went on a date, she pretended not to know much about his music. They’ve been together for two years since.

With just $1,000 and one day, this Harlem bedroom gets a brand new look:

“When I ‘accidentally’ left my wallet in his car after our first date so he would have to call me to return it… Married 26 years with 4 kids! #mastermind,” @kimyoungclark wrote in a caption.

“Me explaining to my bf that I stalked him on social media for over 90 days before ‘bumping into him,'” @taylorrtrotter said in a video.

TikToker @jslaymoneyy claimed the trend made her realize some of her relationship struggles came from not being enough of a “mastermind.”

See this bedroom turn into a vibrant oasis after an incredible one-day renovation:

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