MasterChef's Sarah Todd says she'd 'absolutely love' to return as a judge

MasterChef's Sarah Todd opens up about her experiences on season 6 and season 14 and how the show changed her life.

Video transcript

SARAH TODD: You know, to become a judge on any sort of show, there's a lot of experience that's required. And I think that through all the ups and downs and things I've gone through in my career, I think I've got the knowledge now to be able to help people to handle not only the competition side of cooking, but also the emotional side and understanding how to navigate your career.

I feel like even when I was on fans' most favorites, I just loved sitting down with the contestants, the newbies, and kind of giving them some advice on how to navigate post the show. Because I definitely feel like I've gone in many different directions. And I guess a lot of people see the things that worked out, but there's a lot of things that haven't worked out along the way as well, and a lot of lessons and learning. So I'd absolutely want to be able to share that knowledge with everyone and whoever I can, because I do-- for me, yeah, giving back is something that I really love and want to do more of, and help to guide people in their careers. So yeah, I would absolutely love to.

And I have actually just filmed another show where I was the judge, which is coming out later this year in India. So it was amazing to do it. And you build such a strong connection with the contestants. And yeah, it's a really amazing experience. It's-- you know, because I guess you've been in their shoes as well. You understand the pressure and the stress of it, and that a lot rides on people's shoulders when they're going through that experience. So I feel like it's-- yeah, it's something I really love doing for sure.