Viewers baffled by MasterChef's Reynold's 'oil spill' dish

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MasterChef's Reynold Poernomo has had a big few days after homophobic comments he wrote in 2014 on a bodybuilding site's forum resurfaced, shocking the chef's fans.

The star has since responded to the alleged comments with an apology released through Channel 10 in which he says he regrets the comments ‘immensely’.

MasterChef's Reynold
MasterChef viewers have been left baffled by Reynold's 'oil slick' dish from Monday night's episode. Photo: Ten

“I would like to offer my sincere and deepest apologies for the comments that I made in 2014,” he said in the statement. “I am ashamed of these comments and I regret them immensely.”

“I have many friends and colleagues that are part of the LGBTQI+ community. I wholeheartedly support them and care deeply for them. I am truly sorry and apologise for any offence or hurt I caused.”

During Monday night's episode viewers took to Twitter to share their confusion over the reality star's Japanese-inspired dish of kingfish tartare with a rice wine vinegar and "scallop silk".

One user wrote, "Reynold’s dish looks like an oil spill." While another added, "That doesn’t look appetising at all Reynold."

Reynold's scallop silk
Viewers had no idea what "scallop silk" was exactly, but they knew it didn't look all that appetising. Photo: Ten

Someone else wrote, "Reynold committing crimes against Japanese food." A fourth added, "Yes Reynold. That LOOKS TERRIBLE."

Another joked, "Callum has served a meal. Reynold has served a weird pot pouri.” Others compared it to a beauty item, "Reynold’s scallop silk looks like my charcoal clay mask."

However, some fans were left "amazed" at Reynold's dish, with one fan writing, "I am amazed. Is there anything Reynold can't do?"

Another joked, "Only Reynold could make that grey sludge look remotely appetizing."

In the judging, Andy Allen quickly told Reynold his dish wasn't quite right, "I like the flavours, no getting around that. I think the balance is a little bit out. You spent so much time on that scallop silk and it's just disappointing because it doesn't add a heap to the dish."

The judges weren't all that impressed by Reynold's dish either with Callum winning the round. Photo: Ten
The judges weren't all that impressed by Reynold's dish either with Callum winning the round. Photo: Ten

It was Callum who ended up winning round two with the judges very impressed by his mandarin-infused duck noodle dish.

Jock Zonfrillo told him, "Nothing could have prepared me for the flavour bomb that's in that bowl. Every single mouthful was absolutely amazing.

"The broth itself, the master stock, huge amounts of volumes of aromatics and flavours - the star-anise, the cinnamon - everything you packed in there was fantastic.

"But most importantly, it reeked of mandarin. It reeked and it was such a joy to eat. So thank you," he added.

Callum will compete in the immunity challenge later this week.

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