MasterChef judges left ‘devastated’ after one contestant’s disaster dish

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One contestant failed to provide the ‘wow’ factor in the MasterChef kitchen last night, leaving the judges less than impressed.

Unfortunately for Minoli, she served Melissa, Jock and Andy raw pastry during the pressure test that had them ‘devastated’.

Melissa and Jock on MasterChef.
Jock says it was “such a shame” that the dessert wasn’t cooked correctly. Photos: Channel 10

After winning the previous team task, five cooks battled it out in the kitchen to earn their place in the biggest ever immunity challenge on MasterChef Australia.

The pressure test challenged contestants to prepare their own sweet recipe with vanilla as the hero ingredient.

They were also told that the dish should ‘blow them away’ and contain the ‘wow, wow, wow’ factor.

Legendary pastry chef Darren Purchese assisted the competitors in the kitchen, with Melissa, Jock and Andy leaving early so they could blind taste the final dishes.


Chemical engineer Minoli decided that she wanted to make it difficult for herself and prepare “the hardest thing” she could think of in dessert cooking.

“Today I want to be showing the judges that I’m not scared to cook anything,” she announced.

The 34-year-old chose to cook a pineapple tarte tatin with puff pastry from scratch and a bourbon and vanilla ice cream.

Darren immediately seemed stressed that she wouldn’t be able to make the puff pastry in time, and it turns out he was correct.

Minoli’s pineapple tarte tatin.
Minoli’s pineapple tarte tatin failed to win her a place in this week’s immunity challenge. Photos: Channel 10

When it came to the judges tasting Minoli’s dish, they each groaned “oh no” when they realised the pastry wasn’t cooked correctly.

“It’s such a shame,” Jock added. “I’m devastated for whoever made this.”

“It is raw as raw can be, and it’s not even close. It’s just raw.”

Minoli, who was eliminated from the show but brought back earlier this month, will have another chance to advance to the immunity challenge in tonight’s episode.

Fans on Twitter were sympathetic with Minoli, saying she should be proud of her efforts.

"It's a shame the pastry was raw because the top of that Tarte Tatin looked incredible,” one person shared.

“A very delicious idea for a vibrant dessert ruined by execution,” another added. “Kudos for the efforts though.”

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