MasterChef's final six contestants accidentally 'revealed' online

Kristine Tarbert
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Warning: Potential spoiler

There are currently still 18 cooks remaining in the competition on MasterChef: Back to Win, but a few careless posts online may have given the game away early, possibly revealing the final six contestants left standing.

The finale is still months away, but the six rumoured finalists shared photos on Instagram during the last week of April, showing them still together in Melbourne, where the show is filmed.

Again we say, if you don’t want things to be potentially spoiled, stop reading now.

The contestants of MasterChef: Back to Win. Photo: Channel Ten

In interviews since the show has started, eliminated contestants revealed they were sent straight home after they left the show for safety amid the coronavirus pandemic, reports the Daily Mail.

Poh Ling Yeow also revealed at the start of April that filming was only halfway finished, so the fact these six contestants were still together mer weeks ago suggests they are still filming for the show.

It is thought Poh, along with Reynold Poernomo, Brendan Pang, Reece Hignell, Laura Sharrad and Emelia Jackson, will make up MasterChef’s final six.

Poh and Reynold are possibly two of the final six. Photo: Channel Ten

Reynold, Laura, and Emelia all appeared to be enjoying the same outdoor BBQ together on April 24, even though they live in Sydney. Adelaide and Melbourne respectively, indicating they hadn’t yet been eliminated.

Brendan also shared a post eating dinner with Reece in his Melbourne hotel room, while a few days later Laura and Emelia appeared to enjoy a cake made by Poh.

Poh, Laura, and Emelia all enjoying the same cake. Photos: Instagram/Laura/Emelia

Despite coronavirus restrictions becoming tighter while filming was still happening, Poh had previously said production was “pushing ahead”.

“It’s going ahead following all the government regulations for the virus,” Poh told hit105’s Stav, Abby and Matt in April.

There are still plenty of eliminations to come on the show. Photo: Instagram/Channel Ten

She also explained the trio of new judges — Jock Zonfrillo, Melissa Leong and Andy Allen — had adapted the way they sample the contestants’ dishes, that now involve three separate servings.

“They will actually approach the bench separately so they’re not clustered together then they’ll stand apart holding the plates,” she explained.

We’re likely to start seeing these changes play out on screen in the coming weeks.

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted Channel Ten for comment.

MasterChef: Back to Win continues on Channel Ten tonight and Sunday at 7:30pm.

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