"The Marvels" Director And Writer Nia DaCosta Shares 17 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Making Of The Movie

🚨 There are mild spoilers ahead for The Marvels! 🚨

1.First, director and writer Nia DaCosta said she was first approached by Marvel to direct and write the sequel to Captain Marvel around the spring of 2020.

nia posing with the cast of the movie

"So, it was like a lot of darkness, and this was a beautiful ray of light," she told BuzzFeed. "It was that spring and summer that I was basically in conversation and then I got the job in July."

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2.In terms of story, Nia always knew it was "going to be Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Monica Rambeau" leading this film, and that it was something Marvel "really wanted to do."

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3.Marvel always knew where Carol, Kamala, and Monica were coming from in terms of previous movies and shows, but because of release date shifts and more, what could and could not be included changed throughout the process.

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4.The post-credits scene from Ms. Marvel, which featured Carol suddenly appearing in Kamala's bedroom and switching places with her was shot specifically for The Marvels and then was added into the show as a little teaser.

carol confused after landing in the bedroom

"That was from my movie," Nia excitedly revealed. "We shot it for our movie, and then Kevin [Feige] and the team took it for Ms. Marvel."

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5.When it came to writing Nick Fury's character in The Marvels, Nia said she wanted to "really exemplify who he is to the MCU, which is like the dad of the MCU." She loved his individual relationships with Carol, Monica, and Kamala, and how he's always looking out for them.

carol greeting him by saying, nick fury my favorite one-eyed man of intrigue

6.For depicting Carol, Monica, and Kamala switching powers, Nia said it was "important" to her that "the audience was sort of disoriented with them" during the first big switching scene. Nia's goal was to make it feel like the audience was in the action with them.

two of the characters using their powers

7.In terms of how they filmed the power-switching moments, Nia said it was a big collaborative effort between herself, the stunt team, VFX, the overall crew, the director of photography, editors, and more.

two characters using their powers

8.To get all of the various versions of Carol, Monica, and Kamala switching powers, they would film Brie Larson, for example, doing all of her action, then have Teyonah Parris or Iman Vellani do "whatever [their] switch in [was] going to be."

the two of them them flying in the air

Nia added, "Then, you do a clean play and then you have the green screen and all that stuff. So it's kind of like repeating it within the same moment, just to get every part of the action."

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9.For the scene where Carol and Monica come face-to-face for the first time in years, Nia explained that "good rehearsal time" helped make the scene so powerful. "Brie and Teyonah, in the rehearsal, were so beautiful, and just to see them as actresses, and as people who have been these characters already, like to work through what that should feel like, work the script, it was really, really great," Nia said.

carol saying, it's so good to see you lieutenant trouble, and she anwers, you too and it's captain rambeau now

10.Nia said she worked closely with Brie to help develop Carol's journey in The Marvels. It was a collaborative effort where Brie gave her feelings on what Carol has been up to between Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame, but she was also "open to exploring different parts of her character and turning over new stones."

closeup of her in the film

11.When it came to Carol's character in this movie, Nia wanted to explore "her jadedness" and how she feels this heavy weight of abandoning Monica. So, what helped was having Kamala there to show Carol that she has done good in the world and that there are people who look up to her and see her as a hero.

carol looking at kamala

12.Another important aspect of Carol's character that Nia wanted to bring to The Marvels, was being able to see what, "Carol does when she's not punching Thanos in the face or blasting her way through spaceships. I really want to know who she was as a woman, as a person, who feels this impossible weight on her shoulders."

carol talking to monica

13.One of the ways Nia was able to do this was in the opening scene where you see Carol getting ready for a seemingly typical day on her spaceship with Goose. In fact, the first version of that scene Nia wrote "was much longer."

carol with her cat getting ready for the day

14.The rehearsal process before filming began on The Marvels was really important to Nia, and it's something she took with her from previously directing indie movies. She also made sure every day started the same, so even though they were making a huge blockbuster movie, it felt like a very small production.

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15.In fact, in rehearsals were where some comedic improv happened between Brie, Teyonah, and Iman that ultimately ended up making it into the final script.

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16.When it came to creating the character of Dar-Benn, Nia wanted the villain to have "a very clear motivation" so you understood "what she wants to do and why she's at odds with Carol, and also the other two Marvels."

dar ben saying, captain marvel, the annihilator and carol flying and saying, you took everything from me

17.And finally, Nia absolutely loved being able to include big and small Easter eggs in The Marvels. In fact, she wanted to include even more than what we see in the final film.

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"I wanted to include so many more, but they also were like, 'You need to slow down,'" Nia joked. "I really love our tag. I love our tag. I think it's amazing. I think it's pretty great."

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The Marvels is in theaters everywhere now.