Martin Short's Jiminy Glick Returns, And Bill Hader Isn't Ready For Him

Jiminy Glick, the hack Hollywood journalist portrayed by Martin Short for decades, made a sassy return on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Monday. (Watch the video below.)

Former “Barry” star Bill Hader was Jiminy’s interview subject. But the guest was really there to play straight man to Short’s fawning imbecile of a host. Hader couldn’t keep it together while the obsequious Jiminy surgically cut him to pieces.

“I was hoping for an A-lister, but I’m thrilled to have you, Bill,” he gushed. Glancing at his notes, he added: ”...Hader.”

“You’ve had an interesting career, haven’t you?” Jiminy continued. “I don’t know a great deal about it.”

Short’s alter ego is a starfucker of the shallowest order, which makes his raving about Chris Kattan’s “Saturday Night Live” characters, and the smell of “SNL” boss Lorne Michaels (“chicken piccata and silver dollars”), all the more entertaining.

By the time Jiminy got around to mourning Willie Mays and saving a semi-chewed doughnut for later, Hader was a goner.

Jiminy really tried to end the chat on a positive note ― or so it seemed.

“You know what?” he told Hader. “This is a nice outfit ― if you’re a cat burglar, not if you’re a human being.”