Martha feels 'like a twit' for defending Jess' MAFS affair

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Married At First Sight’s Martha says she regrets supporting Jess’ affair with Dan. Photo: Channel Nine

Her own relationship may have hit a rocky patch on last night’s episode of Married At First Sight and now Martha Kalifatidis claims she wishes she didn’t support her friend, Jessika Power’s, affair with Dan Webb.

On Sunday night, Jess and Dan shocked the whole cast of the show (apart from Martha) when they revealed that they’d been secretly sneaking behind their husband and wife’s backs together.

However, while 30-year-old Martha may have smiled and supported Jess as she told her husband, Mick Gould, and the experts that Dan is ‘her future’, the Sydney woman now claims she regrets sticking up for her mate.

“Knowing what I know now, I feel like an absolute twit defending Jess because she was quite ruthless in the way she went about what she did,” Martha told 9Honey.

“Like I did stress to her ‘There is a right way to do this and I think you should tell Mick and just be clear with Mick because Mick would be so happy if you said you wanted to leave and you were done with him.'”

She claims Jess’ situation was totally different to Ines’ – who famously cheated on her husband, Bronson with Sam Ball – because ‘her and Mick were not getting on for a long time’.

Last night, Matha and her 27-year-old husband, Michael Brunelli, hit a rocky patch, when Martha claimed she didn’t think they were strong enough to survive living so far away from each other after the experiment – Michael is from Melbourne and Martha lives in Sydney.

“I feel all these strong feelings, but my problem is when we’re out of the experiment, what is going to happen, we’re not half an hour from each other…” Martha said.

Michael looked shocked and upset at Martha’s statement and wondered how that was going to negatively impact them as a couple.

“How is it not?” Martha said.

“You’re saying you’re non-committal? I’ve given you everything! You’re focusing on the negative,” Michael said.

He then gave Martha a shell from the beach on their honeymoon that he’d had inscribed with their initials and the whole world, and his wife, fell in love with him.
“After this experiment I’ll prove to you we’ll work…” he said.

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