Marshmallows Aren't Just For Hot Chocolate. Try Them In Your Coffee

Dalgona coffee with marshmallows
Dalgona coffee with marshmallows - Anna Shalam/Shutterstock

On days when you've forgotten to restock some of your pantry essentials, it's handy to know which among your available supplies can step in as substitutes. That bag of marshmallows, for example? You can use it as more than just a sweet snack, a dessert topping, or a garnish to your cup of hot chocolate. Add it to coffee and be pleasantly surprised at how it can also function as a creamer and sweetener.

The same reason why this soft and fluffy confection pairs so well with hot chocolate applies to coffee. Made of air bubbles encased in sugar, corn syrup, and gelatin, marshmallows can add sweetness to either drink. Once they begin to dissolve due to heat and moisture and gradually melt into a creamy, gooey puddle, they also lower the beverage's temperature, making too-hot cups of chocolate or coffee more enjoyable to consume.

If you're not a fan of black coffee or are simply looking for a way to make your at-home brew a little fancier, top your usual blend with a few marshmallows. This is the principle behind the fancy-sounding Caffè Gommosa, said to have originated from the Pacific Northwest. To prepare, you simply put three small marshmallows in a cup then pour a shot of double espresso over them. (You can adjust the amount of both ingredients to your desired sweetness.) Although this drink's name is Italian for "rubbery coffee," the marshmallows lend it a smooth and creamy consistency, on top of softening the espresso's kick.

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Upgrade Your Favorite Coffee With Marshmallow's Sweet Creaminess

Coffee served with roasted marshmallows
Coffee served with roasted marshmallows - Mironov Vladimir/Shutterstock

Once you've formulated your perfect cup of Caffè Gommosa, build on it to make a marshmallow latte. Heat and steam your milk, then pour it into your marshmallow and espresso concoction at a slight angle. Keep a steady hand to ensure a smooth and consistent blend of milk and coffee. Toasting marshmallows before adding them to coffee is an extra step that releases more of their slightly nutty, buttery magic on top of caramelizing their sugar. No campfire or kitchen torch on hand? No problem. Place your marshmallows in neat rows on a baking sheet and toast them under a broiler. Once the upper half looks golden, take out the tray, flip the marshmallow pieces, and toast them once again. Use these fluffy and nicely browned pieces as toppings to your cup of cortado, cappuccino, or mocha.

You can even make toasted marshmallow syrup by adding freshly toasted marshmallows to your next batch of simple syrup. For extra sweetness, add a little vanilla extract. Strain the honey-gold syrup before storing it in the fridge in a glass container. Whenever you need to make a beverage taste extra decadent, simply add a couple of tablespoons of your homemade toasted marshmallow syrup. Enjoy its flavor that's reminiscent of fireside camping.

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