Husbands And Wives, Confess Something About Marriage You've Never Told Anyone Before

As someone who recently got married, I've had people share advice on what made their relationships successful and everything they might have done differently.

Alyson Hannigan and Jason Biggs dance in wedding attire in a scene from the movie "American Wedding"
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If you've ever tied the knot, do you have a secret about marriage you'd never say out loud?

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Maybe you don't actually get along with your spouse's friends but you've never said anything to keep the peace?

Lamman Rucker and Jill Scott walking together in a city setting with people behind them in a scene from "Why Did I Get Married?"
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Perhaps you never air out your dirty laundry as a couple because you never know who might be gossiping behind your back?

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Or, maybe it's as simple as never saying how "easy" marriage is because you know a lot of work, love, and dedication go into it day in and day out?

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