Mark Consuelos Makes Surprising Confession About Triggering Airport Metal Detectors

Mark Consuelos

Apparently Mark Consuelos has some serious baggage when it comes to traveling through the airport.

According to the actor and talk show host, he sets off the metal detectors every time he goes through security before a flight—and it has everything to do with his usual airport wardrobe.

"I have a pair of jeans that I like that I travel with," Consuelos, 53, explained during Live with Kelly and Mark on Tuesday, May 28. "I've got a pair of jeans that are very comfortable, they're very soft and they're not too tight. They're great."

But his favorite jeans come with a caveat. "Every time I go through the metal detector, they go off," he said, noting that as a result, he often has to get patted down by TSA agents in a very personal area.

"The guy is usually a big, burly guy, and he's like, 'I've got to pat you down, man,'" the Riverdale actor said. "He goes, 'You want a private room?'"

But as for why his crotch sets off the alarm every time, he has no idea.

"There's no extra zipper, no extra rivets, nothing," he insisted.

During his most recent experience, Consuelos was on his way back from California with wife Kelly Ripa when he was stopped by TSA for what they said was a "random" search.

"So, I went through. He had to do it again, and he puts on a glove. I'm like, 'What are we doing? This is just second base, no? We're just doing second base!'"

That's when Ripa, 53, chimed in to say there must be "something fishy" about her longtime hubby.

"I feel like it's every time you go through you get stopped, frisked and your bag gets searched," she declared, adding that it "can't be random" at this point.

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