Mark Consuelos Jokes the 'Crotch' of His Favorite Jeans Always Sets Off TSA Metal Detectors

"The guy is usually a big, burly guy, and he's like, 'I've got to pat you down, man,'" Consuelos said of getting patted down at airports

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.
Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.

Mark Consuelos’ favorite pair of jeans comes with one major caveat.

During the Tuesday, May 28, episode of Live with Kelly and Mark the 53-year-old host shared that his go-to travel outfit — which includes a pair of ultra-comfortable jeans — never fails to set off the metal detectors at the airport.

As Consuelos and his wife and co-host Kelly Ripa were recapping their Memorial Day weekend trip to Palm Springs, Calif., the Riverdale alum said that this particular pair of jeans, which he always wears on airplanes, had been causing him trouble during recent travels.

“I’ve got a pair of jeans that are very comfortable, very soft, they’re not too tight, they’re great,” he said. “Every time I go through the metal detector, they go off… every time they send me back through again.”

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Consuelos explained that when he's sent through the body scanner, the machine “shows stuff in the front area.”

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“In the crotch,” Ripa interjected. “You can say crotch.”

Consuelos continued that after the alarm is set off, a TSA officer will pat him down.

"The guy is usually a big, burly guy, and he's like, 'I've got to pat you down, man,'" he explained. "He goes, 'You want a private room?'"

<p>Kelly Ripa/Instagram</p> Mark Consuelos on a recent trip to Morocco.

Kelly Ripa/Instagram

Mark Consuelos on a recent trip to Morocco.

The former soap opera actor added that he couldn’t understand why the pants always set off the metal detectors, as “there’s no extra zipper, no extra rivets, nothing."

On their recent getaway to Palm Springs, Consuelos was once again subjected to a TSA search, but this time the agent claimed he was randomly selected.

"I got stopped again," he said. "This time, they just said, 'Random!' So, I went through. He had to do it again, and he puts on a glove. I'm like, ‘What are we doing? This is just second base, no? We're just doing second base!'”

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Ripa, who joked that her husband is always stopped at TSA because there’s “something fishy” about him, shared that she also had a tried-and-true outfit for the airport — but even her jewelry doesn't set off the metal detectors.

“I always travel in the same outfit,” she said. “I’ve been traveling in the same clothes for, like, five years… it doesn’t set off any alarms. But I did add that necklace and I thought for a minute, I was like, ‘Is this gonna set off an alarm?’ It didn’t. So now I will always travel with that, too.”

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