Margot Robbie gives a tutorial on Aussie slang

Margot Robbie is a big deal in Hollywood these days, but the Aussie actress is still close to her roots.

In a video for Vanity Fair, the 26-year-old gave a tutorial on Aussie slang, explaining to non-Australians what a selection of phrases including ‘chunder’ and ‘fair dinkum’ means… But there were some words the star had never heard of.

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Margot Robbie. Source: Vanity Fair
Margot Robbie. Source: Vanity Fair

“Doovalacky? I have no idea what that is,” she tells the camera. “Reg Grunides? I’ve never heard that in my life. Come a guster? I don’t know what that means.”

“Any Aussies watching, I’m sorry if I described them incorrectly. For any non-Aussies, I hope you learned something.”

Meanwhile, Margot says her sex scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street were her first.

"I hadn't done a proper sex scene before," she told Vanity Fair in its August issue.

"I'd done scenes where it's leading into sex or sex had just finished, but I hadn't done a start-to-finish sex scenes like I did in Wolf. That was my first."

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