Marco Pierre White Jr. was cut off after $350,000 binge

Jennifer Fletcher

Marco Pierre White Jr. has made quite a name for himself for his X-rated antics in the Big Brother UK house as well as out of it.

But now the son of the celebrity chef has revealed his famous dad has cut him off following a $350,000 drink and drug binge in Ibiza.

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Marco Pierre White Jr. Photo: Instagram

In an interview with the Sunday Mirror, the 21-year-old star said, “He knows cutting me off doesn’t stop me. I’m the sort of guy you can walk into a bar without a penny in his pocket and still come out p****ed.”

After a three-month binge in Ibiza and then sharing a room with 15 women, Marco says his dad lost it.

Marco Pierre White Sr. Photo: Getty

“The bill for the booze and the damage was massive, and he (Marco Pierre White Snr.) found out,” Marco reveals. “He was so angry, worse than ever. He cut off my allowance.”

But Marco says that despite his dad cutting him off, the pair are still close.

"He's my best friend - we've been through so much together,” he added. “I've obviously pushed him to the brink sometimes, but he has always been there for me. He's always had my back".

Marco was the first housemate to be kicked out of the 2016 season, after he engaged in an X-rated romp with fellow contestant Laura Carter.

Marco leaving the house. Photo: Channel 5

Despite claiming that his 36-year-old fianceé had given him a "hall pass" for his time on the show, Marco, 21, has now admitted that maybe there was a little confusion as to what that entailed.

Marco and Laura caused controversy after the tattooed star was seen sucking Laura's nipples on camera.

They were also shown having naked make-out sessions in the hot tub and admitted to having sex in the same room as their housemates.

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