This Is What March's Full Moon—The Worm Moon—Means for You

Full worm moon in March

Spring is here, which means so is March’s full moon. While there are full moons each month (approximately every 29.5 days), like the Wolf Moon in January and the Snow Moon in February, this month’s full moon happens to be the Worm Moon (which can also be referred to as the Crow Moon, the Sugar Moon and the Sap Moon).

If you’ve never heard of the Worm Moon before, you’re not alone. Most people don’t even realize that full moons have specific names that go along with them. However, while some of the names may seem random, they are actually very intentional. In fact, according to the Farmers’ Almanac, every full moon’s name was given to it by Native Americans. They honored the changing seasons by assigning special monikers to all of the full moons that lit up the sky throughout the year as a way to capture the specific essence and uniqueness of that particular month.

To learn more about the Worm Moon, we spoke with astrologers Kyle Thomas and Celeste Brooks as well as numerologist and author Novalee Wilder. They break down everything from what days it’ll be visible, to what time it’ll appear at its brightest, to all of the spiritual meanings and significance that go with it. Keep reading to see what they have to say.

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When Is the March Full Worm Moon in 2024?

If you want to catch the Full Worm Moon, Wilder says you’ll have a couple of chances to do so because it’ll appear not just on one day, but on two days, explaining, “You’ll first see it in the sky on Sunday, March 24, and then you’ll see it again the next day on Monday, March 25.”

However, if you want to check it out during its brightest hour, you’ll have to put on some coffee or set an alarm. “Its peak illumination will occur at 3:00 A.M. ET on Monday, March 25,” Wilder says.

What Is the March Full Worm Moon’s Spiritual Meaning?

The Full Worm Moon is rooted in nature and symbolizes the awakening of Earth as Spring approaches.

“The spiritual meaning of the Worm Moon is a subtle yet powerful reminder of the early stirrings of that life,” Thomas says. “It hints of what’s to come and can be found overhead as the ice thaws and earthworms begin to emerge from the soil and beetle larvae start to slither out from beneath the bark of trees. This brings forth a whole scurry of activity within other animals—such as robins and other birds eager to feast after a long, cold winter.”

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How Does the March Full Worm Moon Affect You?

The Worm Moon will mark 2024’s first lunar eclipse. Thomas reveals lunar eclipses "are three times more intense, emotional and powerful." Because of this, he predicts this eclipse "will be profound and could trigger fated and destined events.” While that may seem daunting, Thomas tells Parade that we are likely to see results "work out in the end if we lead with a mix of practicality while still opening up our hearts."

While it can be tricky to realize how the moon is affecting you personally, Wilder says the key is to pay attention to your surroundings during that time. “Look at your environment and how it's helping or hindering your goals,” she suggests. “Look at your daily habits and see if you can make it easier to make micro-movements towards your dreams. From your breakfast to how you deal with interruptions, think of yourself as a 5-year-old and see if you can prep for the tantrums or set up routines that make it easy to be in every moment and avoid decision fatigue.” When you take the time to do that, you’ll be able to more closely pinpoint the areas in your life that are being affected by the Full Worm Moon.

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What Energy Does the March Full Worm Moon Bring?

“Since this is the first eclipse of the year and the first of two in the zodiac sign of Libra, the Air sign’s energy will vibrate throughout the world,” Thomas states. “Because Libra is a zodiac sign deeply focused upon partnership and union ruled by Venus, the planet of love, these energies will be amplified during the Full Worm Moon and can be felt three days before and after its full lunation.”

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What Does the March Full Worm Moon Represent?

According to Brooks, the Worm Moon represents finding your equilibrium and tapping into your inner-self, especially when it comes to relationships and personal growth.

“The Moon signifies a balancing act,” Brooks notes. “This beautiful lunation can also invite an internal assessment of people-pleasing tendencies.”

She tells Parade it’s a time when you may feel that you need to ask yourself a series of questions to check in with yourself when it comes to figuring out balance between you and your partner, suggesting, “Ask yourself things like, ‘Is there harmony and reciprocity in my primary relationship?’ ‘What actions will lead to more fairness?’ ‘Do I feel comfortable asking my partner to share more responsibilities, or will I silence myself to avoid conflict?’”

When it comes to balance in other areas of your life, Brooks shares, “This lunation may bring to your conscious attention perspective about your attitude towards taking calculated risks to achieve your desires versus playing it safe to receive approval from others. You’ll want to ask yourself things like, ‘How important is my image?’ ‘Am I ready to shed my old skin and be more authentically myself?’ Why do I keep saying ‘yes’ to things I do not want to do?’ You’ll also want to consider the level of enjoyment you have at work and think about whether you can combine work and play in unique ways?”

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