‘I spent too much money on your wedding’: Musician calls out married friend for flirting with other women

 (TikTok / @deshawn_sings)
(TikTok / @deshawn_sings)

A man has recalled an uncomfortable situation in which he confronted his married friend who was flirting with other women in a nightclub.

In the viral video posted on TikTok, musician Deshawn Harris explains that he faced a dilemma when he noticed his friend’s behaviour and advised him against “messing up” his marriage.

“My homeboy got mad at me, and now he ain’t talking to me, because we were in the club and wanted to talk to these women but he’s married,” Deshawn explained to the camera.

“I told him to cut that out.”

The musician recalled that his friend became defensive at the accusation, but Deshawn reiterated that so many people had invested – their time, love and money – into the wedding, that it would be a waste for everyone involved if he was to cheat on her.

“I didn’t spend all my money on your wedding to watch you come into this club and start cheating on her and mess this all up,” Deshawn said, recalling the conversation to his followers.

He added: “I ain’t tell you to walk down this aisle, ain’t tell you to introduce me to this woman and get this ring on her finger.”

Deshawn continued, adding that he also has loyalty to his friend’s wife since he considers her a friend.

“I’m not gonna lie to this woman,” he said.

Deshawn concluded that his advice to his friend was to get a drink and sit down.

“You better go and sit down somewhere because I spent too much money on your wedding,” he joked.

Viewers of the viral clip agreed, with one writing: “Exactly... if you’re gonna cheat why am I spending on your wedding. I could’ve stayed home.”

Another added: “Real friends hold you accountable. We need these types of friends.”

“Facts! What did he get married for if he wasn’t ready to get married,” commented another.

Viewers seemed to agree on how “expensive” friends’ weddings can be, and to end the marriage early on would be a “waste”.

“I need a minimum of 10 years of marriage due to the amount of money I spent on their weddings,” joked one viewer about the cost of their friends’ weddings.

Other followers, however, were left divided over why Deshawn made a public video about the events when his friend could be easily identifiable among his close circle.

“LOVE this energy. Hate that he made a public video,” wrote one viewer.