Maisie Williams pranks Game of Thrones fans!

Here’s what happens when you put Maisie Williams (a.k.a. Ayra Stark) in a room full of die-hard Game of Thrones fans!

In a video for Nylon, Maisie, 19, pretended to be a check-out girl called Lorraine at a local hobbies store, which was giving away GOT memorabilia.

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Startled customers couldn’t believe their luck when they saw Maisie at the RPG store, but became confused when the British actress insisted she wasn’t who they thought she was.

Maisie Williams confused fans. Photo: YouTube
Maisie Williams confused fans. Photo: YouTube

“I’m not Ayra! I’m Lorraine. I work here,” she declared.

“I know who you are,” one customer replied.

“That’s funny, I was thinking that I recognised you. How do I know you?” she asked the confused fan. “Have you been to England? Are you on Tinder?”

Bahahahahaha! Too funny.

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