Inside Sarah and Telv’s explosive breakup

Bianca Soldani

The reality TV bubble has well and truly burst for everyone’s favourite Married at First Sight couple, Sarah and Telv.

In a heartbreaking confession posted on Instagram, 38-year-old Sarah revealed that she and her on-screen hubby have gone their separate ways, and while she has stayed relatively silent on the reason behind the split, her best friend has let loose with some pretty wild claims.

Friend and medium to the stars Harry T - who you may remember as the MC at Sarah and Telv's reality wedding - has claimed that the father-of-two couldn't wait to distance himself from his bride.

Sarah and Telv have officially split. Photo: Nine

"Once the cameras stopped rolling, he dropped her like a hot potato," Harry told the Daily Mail.

He went on to say Telv was clinging to single life and described his behaviour as "unacceptable and inappropriate".

"She felt he was more interested in the single bachelor life with all the parties, drinking with the boys and living the typical single boy's lifestyle," he said.

Seemingly referring to leaked video footage below that appears to show the groom snorting a white substance off a woman's body, Harry said, "Sarah is horrified that her husband would do that and brush it off so lightly."

The couple were looking so loved-up. Photo: Instagram/sarahjaneroza

Sarah on the other hand, spoke fondly of her time with Telv in a lengthy Instagram post announcing their split.

She does however, make a rather cryptic comment, saying, “I know that nobody is perfect, yet I am at that stage in my life where the foundation of basic respect and support from my partner is crucial.”

“As a woman I know what I truly deserve and I just can’t allow my innate standards to be compromised.”

She also added that Telv didn’t "share the same life goals and aspirations as I do.”

Sarah's friend Harry has come out with some explosive claims. Photo: Instagram/Harrttofficial

Looking back at the positives, Sarah said the whole experience has helped her grow as a person, and that she’ll always have deep feelings for Telv.

“There were so many heartfelt moments that we shared together which I honestly will treasure forever,” she wrote.

“I truly wish only the absolute best for Telv because I undoubtedly will always love and care very deeply for him”.

Here's Sarah's full post. Photo: Instagram/sarahjaneroza

The pair were last seen tearing up as they spoke of their love for one another on the final reunion episode of the reality series.

Having admitted that they found continuing their relationship across the country extremely difficult, Telv revealed that he planned on moving from his home in Perth to Melbourne, to be with Sarah.

Despite their loved-up appearance, rumours had been swirling for some time that a breakup was imminent, and earlier this month the pair were forced to deny that they'd split.

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