MAFS' Melissa addresses OnlyFans rumours

MAFS' Melissa sits down with Yahoo Lifestyle to address rumours that she's considering starting an OnlyFans page.

Video transcript

MELISSA SHEPPARD: So I have already friends that have got OnlyFans accounts. And there is no beef with anyone that wants to do OnlyFans. To all my followers or to all my viewers, I am so apologetic. But no, I will not-- you will not be seeing me on OnlyFans. But anybody that does that, my hat goes off to them. And hand on heart, you know, you do whatever floats your boat. But for myself personally, you won't be seeing me on that kind of platform.

But you will see going forward, I'm going to be doing some collabs with some really great brands. And there will be some photos that you will see in tasteful, classy lingerie or sportswear, you know, above board, things that I will be very proud of, that for my father or my son or my brothers or my mom and sister to be say, hey, she wears that well. She owns her body. She's body confident. So there will be some racy things out there, but yeah, it just won't be on OnlyFans.