MAFS' Martha and Michael look tense post-finale

Martha and Michael were snapped at a tense breakfast the day after the MAFS finale aired. Photo: DIIMEX

It looks like the explosive MAFS finale might have claimed another couple victim after Jess and Dan bit the dust last week.

They seemed to be MAFS’ most glammed up couple, but photos snapped the morning after the finale aired suggest Michael and Martha might not be so crazy in love anymore.

The couple was snapped in what looks like a tense exchange last Tuesday, fuelling existing rumours of trouble brewing in MAFS paradise.

The images captured in a cafe in Chatswood on Sydney’s North Shore show the pair in an emotionally charged exchange, with Martha appearing to be in tears while Michael stands over her.


Michael appeared to be on the phone, but with his face concealed it’s unclear if he was aggravating, or consoling his MAFS bride.

Martha was hidden away beneath a pair of neon sunglasses, but buried her face in her hands at some points and later wiped away tears.


Other images show Michael distracted while talking on the phone, seemingly oblivious to his wife’s distress unfolding less than a metre away.

The images come on the back of rumours which have circled regarding the pair’s relationship status.

With Martha living at Sydney’s Bondi Beach, and Michael in Melbourne, the couple’s relationship has been long-distance since filming wrapped late last year.

Now, an Instagram post uploaded by Michael following last week’s finale sparked concerns among fans.

The photo of the pair was captioned ‘The End’, and while seemingly a reference to the show’s finale, some fans wondered if the tone of finality held a double meaning.

“Are you still together?” queried one concerned fan.

“They have broken up I hear,” wrote another shrewd observer.

Further fuelling the fire is the fact that until today the couple have not shared any recent snaps or moments together in at least three weeks.

Martha’s last snap that wasn’t a throwback to the show or set was posted a month ago, and Michael last shared a current image of the pair three weeks ago.

Michael has somewhat cleared the air, sharing a video of the pair relaxing by the water in Sorrento, Victoria to his Instagram story this afternoon.

Michael shared a video of him and Martha this afternoon. Photo: Instagram/mbrunelli

Other images captured of the pair at breakfast show them back in each other’s good graces, though it’s unclear if they were captured before or after the fight.

Martha and Michael have been contacted for comment.

The pair cuddled up, but before or after their fight is unclear. Photo:DIIMEX

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